Training Requirements

All Ph.D. students and postdoctoral research fellows in the College of Engineering (CoE) are required to complete this training. In addition, any Michigan Engineering student (undergraduate, masters and Ph.D.) who has NSF or NIH research funding must complete RCRS training.

Two critical subgroups are:

1.       RCRS training for NSF/NIH-funded students is a federal mandate.

a.       Failure to complete RCRS training may result in a loss of funding or sanctions for U-M.

2.       All incoming Ph.D. students must complete RCRS training to advance to candidacy.

a.       Rackham will not grant candidacy to students who have not completed the training.


The training, four two-hour workshops, should be completed during the first year of graduate school.

There is reciprocity of training across the colleges and schools at U-M. CoE faculty advisors can designate the best training program for their students (e.g., dental school RCR program, PIB503). Two CoE courses fulfill federal and Rackham RCRS requirements (CEE881 and BME550). You will be noted as having completed the training when you successfully complete either one of the courses or the CoE workshops. If you are enrolled in BME550/BIOMED550, CEE880/881, PIBS503, KINESLGY616, or STATS810, you will be automatically credited in the RCRS program upon the successful completion of the course.

Students should register for workshops early in the term to ensure that they can complete their training within Rackham and federal deadlines.

Not sure which workshops you have completed? Please send an email to and include your name and U-M ID number in your request for information.